BLE wristband introduction


Reporty's innovative technology provides direct-smart communication with emergency services, helping reduce response time and provide fast accurate help.

Smart Wristbands - Report

Reporty, the most advanced system for national emergency infrastructure, introduces a unique ability that revolutionizes the way the public communicates with emergency services in crisis situations and daily hazards. Reporty’s eco-system enables real time video streaming from the scene, displays accurate location, including a state of the art indoor location with floor level and room number, resulting in faster, more accurate response by authorities and ultimately saving lives.

During our day to day life we encounter risky situation, accidents or medical emergencies that we need to be prepared for. One of Reporty’s solutions to emergencies in the field: a bluetooth wristband for silent-smart distress calls. With just a 3-second button press, the wristband will activate Reporty, which will make a live video report to your predefined emergency service, with exact location. Call takers will also get access to your provided info in the app, such as allergies and disabilities, and lastly, your authorized contacts will get a notification about your report. A simple and effective life saving solution, that can be worn anyway, ideal for personal safety, healthcare, school, governments and public sector organizations.


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Silent distress call without reaching to the phone

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Ip to 25 meter indoors and up to 90 meter outdoors between the wristband and smartphone

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Button will activate Reporty when it’s running in the background, as well as closed

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Low cost

Free app & free calls to emergency centers

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Long lasting one year of battery life

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User friendly

Easy to install, easy to use

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Predefined the desired emergency dispatcher

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Your live video streaming and exact location will send help directly to you

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Precise location

Patent state of the are technology will indicate exact location, including floor level and room number

step 1

Press your Bluetooth button for 5-10 seconds till it's red


From your profile - tap on Settings (gear)


Select “Connected Devices” and tap on the device you wish to pair. Once paired light will turn green


Tap on Settings (gear) and choose your default dispatcher

step 5

When in distress - press button for few seconds

Help is on the way

keeps you safe

Get fast accurate help, with the click of a button, when you need it most