Command & Control

A command and control operations center that runs smoothly is the backbone of any city, agency or enterprise. Having well trained operators is simply not enough to guarantee a quick and measured response to emergencies or other events. Our C2I platform extends command and control coverage into the field where dispatch operators and managers can see an event in real-time and provide responding resources and those that need help with the most important resource-Information. By receiving clearer picture from the field in seconds, dispatchers, managers and supervisors can deploy the appropriate response, faster. Caller rating for reliability allows dispatchers to prioritize calls accurately, ensuring that true emergencies receive appropriate classification without dedicating resources to falsely reported calls. Live video communication with the reporter allows the dispatcher to direct the reporter to take preliminary actions where feasible.


Reporty’s C2I Dispatch Platform is the tool that brings the event from the field to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Getting real-time information from the field can only be turned into useful intelligence if it is processed efficiently. Our design allows dispatchers to automatically receive the highest quality reports from users during major events while storing the video from other, lower quality reports, ensuring the best information is being relayed to dispatchers. With Reporty at their fingertips, command and control center managers will be able to prioritize and route calls to the appropriate dispatchers faster and more efficiently.


Dispatchers who have Reporty calls routed to them through the mobile application have instant access to crucial information that provides them with a clearer picture of events. In addition to live video at the scene of critical events, the Reporty system provides dispatchers with reporter personal details, pinpoint location and reliability ranking. These details are an essential part of prioritizing calls for service and resource allocation. The live feed from events occurring in real-time along with reliable reporter information allows dispatchers to make more effective decisions.


Our CRM system is a key component of the Reporty platform, which enables deep diving into the entire status of each event reported through the systems. By navigating between tickets, viewing past events and examining the profile of each of the reporters. The CRM enables decision makers to accurately analyze the past and present behavior of their callers, react accordingly, and in time predict future patterns. This tool is essential in optimizing planning and strategy.