Real Time Communication Software Engineer (VoIP)

The Challenge:

Designing and implementing high-performance, elastic and resilient VoIP services architecture while leveraging reactive frameworks with highly scalable infrastructure designed for web-scale loads in order to provide people the help they need in emergency situations. You will be in charge of end-to-end real-time communication software development, from the client side native libraries up to cluster infrastructure and the server logic.

What we need from you:

  • Graduate of Computer Science, Software Engineering.
  • +3  years of hands-on experience in real-time communication.
  •  Strong OOP skills, fluent with C++ Standard Library.
  •  Extensive knowledge and experience with Multithreading and Networking.
  • Deep knowledge and experience with VoIP Stacks, SIP Clients, SIP Servers, RTSP.
  • Video\Audio codes, packetization, encryption and transport.
  • Skilled and independent architect and developer capable of researching and handling challenging engineering and development tasks.


  • Mobile development experience.
  • Boost and C++11 experience.
  • Asterisk
  • Kamalio