Senior Full-Stack Engineer

The Challenge:

Designing and implementing high-performance, elastic and resilient micro-services architecture while leveraging reactive frameworks with highly scalable infrastructure designed for web-scale loads in order to provide people the help they need in emergency situations. You will be in charge of services development, from cluster infrastructure to the server logic.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Graduate of Computer Science, Software Engineering or Elite Intelligence unit.
  • At least 3 ¬†years of hands-on experience in Scala or Java server-side development.
  • Proficient and substantial experience with modern Databases (SQL & No-SQL), Cloud Storage technologies and IaaS Cloud Computing platforms.
  • Strong OOP and Design Patterns skills.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with multi-threading and concurrency.
  • Skilled and independent architect and developer capable of researching and handling challenging engineering and development tasks.


  • Experience with AKKA and Reactive application development.
  • Experience and development above AWS & Experience with Spark
  • Participation in open source projects.