Senior Machine Learning Researcher

We are looking for an experienced ML researcher that will be responsible for our Indoor Positioning research, using statistical machine learning and implementation at scale. The main challenge is to provide an accurate indoor location in a short amount of time in the public safety domain in order to provide people the help they need in emergency situations.

Who we are?

Reporty is the leading expert in the fields of location sharing, real-time communication, and incident predictive analytics.
We aim to change the way people interact with authorities in emergency and nonemergency situations (911/municipalities). Our Real-time communication ecosystem enables the public to deliver smart and rich data to command and control centers worldwide via Real-time video streaming, exact location including indoor positioning ability and IP /TDM communication.
The fact that we are a complete eco-system, integrating into existing Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with ease, means that our system goes beyond anything the public or private sector has seen before.

Skills and Requirements

  • M.Sc. or PhD. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electronics Engineering or related fields.
  • Theoretical and Practical background in Statistics and Statistical Machine-Learning.
  • Practical experience/knowledge in developing algorithms in the fields of data science or machine learning.
  • 3+ years experience in researching and implementing algorithms using R/Python or Java/Scala.
  • Experience with Spark and Big Data processing in production systems.
  • Good analytical skills and original thinking.