Give your employees a safer environment – the Reporty way!

Whether you’re a company with staff/customers who are constantly on the go – traveling for business, providing service in the field, using your service outside of your work area etc – you have a responsibility to keep your people safe. Introducing our next game-changing feature: A designated button for your company – in the Reporty app!

What does Reporty do?

Reporty brings the next generation of communication between citizens and emergency centers. Our cutting edge technology is helping call centers respond faster and more accurately than ever before, thus helping reporters get fast accurate help, and can even save lives.

How can Reporty help your company?

With a click of a button, both your customers and staff will be directly connected to your call center, using Reporty’s technology: Live Video, Live Chat, precise Location share, profile share and more. Dispatchers will be able to respond quickly and easily, reporters will get immediate accurate help, and the company will provide a safer environment for her staff and customer, anytime, anywhere.


  • Safer environment for employees and customers
  • Accurate and fast response to emergencies and daily hazards
  • More effective call center
  • Cut back on costs
  • Full integration with existing systems

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