GLOBAL SAFETY SYSTEM FOR telecom companies

Whether your company is dealing with the challenges of protecting your workforce, minimizing operational risks and downtime or striving to be more cost effective - Reporty’s safety technology has an all around solution for you. Introducing our next game-changing feature: A designated safety button for your company - in the Reporty app!


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What does Reporty do?

Reporty is the most significant upgrade to emergency centers in decades. Enhancing call center efficiency with instant and precise location (including indoor and elevation), live video streaming, IP communication, call routing, prioritization, situational awareness and texting - ensures times to dispatch drop while information flow to First Responders improves. Integrating into your existing infrastructure means that Reporty is one of the most cost-effective and versatile options to upgrade your communication platform with your workforce and take it into the next generation.

Reporty has been successfully deployed and integrated to a variety of organizations, large to small, public to private, helping to incorporate real-time incident monitoring and bringing our technology solutions to address operational safety challenges.

How can Reporty help your company?

Using your personalized Safety Button, your employees will seamlessly connect to your call center, providing key pieces of information, such as: live video from the scene, accurate location - including indoor and elevation, reporter's details and more.  
Using Reporty's home systems, your dispatchers will be able to view live video of all reports and their exact location, prioritize urgent calls, respond quickly and more accurately, and ultimately achieve continued 5 nines availability and creating a safer environment for your workforce, customers and facilities.

the benefits

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Safer Environment

Protect your workforce, customers and facilities

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Higher Efficiency

Accurate, fast response to emergencies and hazards

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Increase efficiency, minimize damages and costs

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IP communication and intelligent call routing


Global Infrastructure

Installed infrastructure worldwide, supporting telco grade SLA (5 nines)

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Personalized Help

Instant access to reporter's profile for Personalization

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Data Management

Analyze and predict patterns with advanced CRM system


i3 Compatible

The standard for the public safety industry

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Seamless Integration

Full integration with existing systems (C4 - Anapo & SPS)

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