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About Us

Reporty is a national emergency communication platform, running the most advanced technology for emergency infrastructure. Our focus is enhancing communications with national and local emergency  services, acting as a gateway for delivering rich and smart data from the citizens to the Public Safety Answering Points. We connect individuals in emergencies to emergency services via live video and audio. Using mobile platforms, smart devices, and IoT - Reporty helps emergency services establish what is happening in real-time and provide citizens with faster emergency support.

Stay Safe - Anytime, Anywhere

Our real-time, video based platform, which is supported by an advanced Positioning System, offers immediate and live video reporting from the scene of hazard. Our unique patented technology enhances any regular smartphone call into a Reporty call, no app required, which includes live video reporting, percise location, and 2-way audio conversation (or text). This technology maximizes accurate responses by call takers, cutting down on dispatch times and ultimately saving lives. Our product offering also supports the use of apps for smartphones, wearables, smart cars or other smart devices.

Command & Control Platforms

The C2I Platform: Reporty’s C2I Dispatch Platform is the tool that brings the event from the scene to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Getting real-time information from the scene can only be turned into useful intelligence if it is processed efficiently. This tool allows the PSAP to receive calls at once, view all videos on the screen as well as on the Live Map, and prioritize them according to their importance.

The Call Taker Platform: Dispatchers who have Reporty calls routed to them through smart devices have instant access to crucial information that provides them with a clearer picture of events. 

The CRM Platform: Enables decision makers to accurately analyze past and present behavior of the calls, react accordingly, and in time predict future patterns. This tool is essential in optimizing planning and strategy.


Indoor positioning: Reporty’s unique indoor positioning feature is derived from our patented technology that is capable of pinpointing a user’s location to within a one meter radius, even indoors. This capability reduces response time dramatically and ensures that first responders will be able to locate the caller as quickly as possible.

Live Video Streaming: A system that enables dispatchers to gain a better understanding on the nature of events reported, thus make the right decisions. The call taker will see events from the eyes of the caller and send the proper help immediately.

Routing Optimization: Our unique technology optimizes voice and video communications by identifying the most stable method of communication available. During the call, it continually monitors the communication for disruptions or diminishing signals, and adapts the protocols accordingly in real-time. In cases where multiple calls occur at an event and cell phone reception goes down, Reporty will ensure the call takes place.


SDK: By integrating Reporty technology into your product framework, you provide your client base with unprecedented ease of access to security and emergency services. Instant medical alerts from wearable devices, vehicle crash alerts from connected cars or live crime reporting from smart home systems are just a small cross section of the practical application of the Reporty technology in 3rd-Parties.

API: Our advanced API’s will convert any legacy system into a highly functional command and control platform, capable of interacting with the influx of live video reporting, chat, indoor positioning, as well as our many other features. By installing Reporty into your legacy system, you future-proof your command and control center for the next generation of 
emergency communications. Seamless and cost effective integration for our customers.

Global Operations

Reporty’s ecosystem has been deployed in the USA, Latin and Central America, Middle East, Europe and Asia, reducing call duration by more than 50%, and creating a faster and more efficient emergency support for citizens.


system advantages

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Accurate Outdoor Location

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Indoor Position


Report via Live Video and Audio

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Seamless Integration

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Reduce False Report

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Short Response Time

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Prioritization of Incoming events


Encourage Citizen's Social Encouragement

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Intelligent Routing

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keeps you safe

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