Meet The Team

Board of Directors
Ehud Barak
Chairman & Investor
The 10th Prime Minister of Israel, the 14th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, former Minister of Defense ...
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Pinchas Buchris
Director & Board Member
As the former Deputy Commander of an elite IDF operations unit and former Commander of the IDF 8200 Cyber Intelligence Unit, ...
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Nicole Junkermann
Nicole Junkermann is a London-based investor, entrepreneur and business mentor.  Her investment career began in the sports sector:  in 1998, she ...
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Advisory Board
Secretary Michael Chertoff
As Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security from 2005 to 2009, Michael Chertoff led the U.S in blocking ...
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Richard M. Daley
The longest-serving mayor in Chicago’s history, Richard M. Daley has earned an international reputation as a leading innovator in ...
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Professor Gal A. Kaminka
Head of the MAVERICK group at Bar Ilan University, which conducts research in multi-robot systems, teamwork, cognitive modeling, and artificial ...
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Professor Isaac Ashkenazi
Professor Ashkenazi is an expert on disaster management and leadership, community resilience and mass casualty events. He is considered one ...
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Andy Rooke
Andy Rooke is one of the foremost experts worldwide in eCall. He was part of the original eCall concept team, ...
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911 Advisory Board
Willis T. Carter
Willis Carter began his fire service career in April of 1972 when he joined the Shreveport Fire Department which was at ...
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Richard A. Mirgon
Richard Mirgon is one of three partners with Presidential Partners Consulting LLC and has been providing consulting service to state ...
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Chris Fischer
Chris Fischer has over 30+ years of success in public safety service-driven positions, with 24 years experience in leadership and management roles ...
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Amir Elichai
Founder & CEO
Amir Elichai is the Founder & the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Reporty Homeland Security. For more than 12 years, Amir ...
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Alex Dizengof
Co-Founder & Tech Lead
A Software Architect and Algorithms Developer with over 5 years of development experience. Alex has previously developed machine learning algorithms for ...
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Lital Leshem
Co-Founder & Business Development Executive
As an IDF Captain (Res), with over 6 years of operational experience, Lital has previously served as the Director of Marketing ...
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Yoni Yatsun
Co-Founder & Senior Developer
Yoni is an experienced software engineer, who specializes in algorithms, machine learning and software design. Yoni is responsible for the ...
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Eyal Elyashiv
Chief Operating Officer - USA
Eyal has spent much of his adult life in the high-tech industry, primarily in network and real-time communication. Once he ...
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Eric Banoun
Partner & VP Sales
Eric is a senior executive with a strong track record leading sales for large scale projects to security government agencies ...
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Iris Hermon
VP Marketing
Iris is a marketing professional, with years of experience in the marketing field. Iris has led marketing activities in a ...
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Nehemia Litterat
VP Engineering
Nehemia is a software engineer, with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. He specializes in managing diverse distributed ...
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Eyal Oron
VP Global Operation
Eyal Oron is a Senior Customer Success Executive with over 20 years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry, in Various customer ...
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Oded Gal
Head of Product
With 8 years background as an officer in the IDF, Oded started working with electronic defense companies, planning & designing user ...
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Roie Donskoy
Sales Manager
Roie Donskoy is an experienced sales manager specializing in the public sectors, mostly in the field of information security and ...
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Larisa Mogilevsky
HR Manager
Larisa is an HR expert. Larisa brings vast experience in Human Resources and Recruitment from the Start-up & High Tech ...
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